Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mexican Wines by Zin Valle Vineyards

When you think of where good wine comes from you’re probably thinking of the usual areas – France, Italy and California. But other countries are emerging as excellent producers in the wine industry. One country that might be last on your mind when it comes to wine is our Southern neighbor – Mexico.
In the 16th century, long before Napa and Sonoma, the Spaniards coming into Mexico brought wine with them. While Mexico had some indigenous grapes, the Spaniards quickly found that their own varietals were well suited to Mexico’s warm, generally sunny climate.  Wine has been made in California by the missionaries with vinifera from Mexico since the 1770’s.  Even before, Spanish grapes from the Juarez area and the Senecu Pueblo in Spanish controlled areas of present day New Mexico found their way to the Missions in the Paso del Norte Region in the late 1660’s.

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